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&the heavens call.
12 August 2020 @ 10:50 am

Sup, Smash. This guy over here, being of the Moon Tribe, has a bit of a psychic ability up his sleeve that he can utilize to tell prophecies. The 'half-baked prophet' is, at least in-game, more often than not correct with them, as well. Of course, this is a big ability to utilize, especially since he 'seemingly' spews his prophecies out at random, so this feels pretty freaking necessary.

The point of this permissions post: Do you want Waka to look into your future? Do you mind him giving you prophecies? How much do you want him to see? How much do you want him to not see? Just give me all of that info right here, if you don't mind. <3

Just fill out this form:

&the heavens call.
07 August 2011 @ 11:06 pm
[A video post suddenly pops up on the journal from a peculiar, unfamiliar name. The feed is a tad fuzzy for a moment as Waka fumbles with the camera, but after a moment, he can be seen. His hat is nestled snugly on his head, mostly hiding his long, thick blonde hair, and his expression is typically bright.

With a laidback, single wave, he gives a playful little head tilt.

Two schools, a rival to one another, met together by fate in ways that neither may have expected... all piecing together as met to be. How is that for, perhaps, an unforeseen future for two split academies?

[He gives a bit of a half-bow to the camera.] And I, Waka, god's gift to man, am thrilled to see how your new path will unfold. Bonjour, Smash Academy! [He pulls himself upright and gives a smile to the camera.]

It is a great pleasure to see what is considered to be Capcom High's grandest rival. I have seen many an endeavor both have endured together, and to see the lines begin to blur is refreshing. Rivalry and bickering can't persist for too long, no? Soon, friendships may be formed, ties knotted in unexpected ways... and I am far too excited to watch your tale continue. Yes, tres bien, the tale of two schools!

[He clasps two hands together, one holding his flute and the other empty.] And I will be here up-close with the action. Mes amours, you are looking at your brand-new music instructor, Capcom's one and only!

[He leans forward and places a hand over the button to shut off the feed.] I assure you that we will be meeting quite often. Let's all come around and introduce ourselves now. Now, now, no need to rush- I will be patient. [He chuckles and gives another small wave.]

Au revoir!